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Many are overwhelmed as they weigh all the choices to protect themselves and their family as they plan for retirement. From annuities to life insurance and more, the Advantage Group will assist you as you research and determine your best options to ensure the longevity of your financial legacy. Your peace of mind and financial stability matter to us. We’ll draw from our 50+ years of experience to help you take the next steps in planning for your best future. 

long-term healthcare

Long-Term Care

You’ve seen others scramble to maintain a quality Long Term Care (LTC) plan as they’ve aged. It can feel complicated and overwhelming to plan for all the variables ahead, especially in regards to healthcare and quality of life. 
While there will always be some unknowns in the future, your LTC plan doesn’t have to be one of them. With a little bit of preparation and our expert assistance, you’ll be able to plan ahead to make sure you, your family, and your finances are equipped and fortified for whatever lies ahead.


During retirement, it’s hard to know exactly how to manage your finances. What should your budget look like now when you aren’t sure what your future expenses will be? What if you outlive your income? If you encounter healthcare challenges, will the cost drain your estate and destroy your financial legacy?
Annuities take care of the uncertainties and more. Your annuity investment has a guaranteed life income rider, which makes sure you won’t outlive your annuity. Should premature death become a reality, your spouse and/or children will be able to receive the benefits instead. 

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a necessity today. Without it, your family could be left to pay off your debts, cover your funeral expenses, and make up for your income in the event of your passing. This could leave your loved ones in a financially precarious situation. 
When you invest in a quality life insurance plan, you continue to provide a legacy of stability and support to your family. Life insurance plans take the guesswork out of planning for an unknown future and give you and your loved ones ongoing peace of mind. 

Health Insurance

Health insurance is an important safety net, but there are many options—and not all of them will provide what you actually need during a healthcare crisis. Coverage, cost and co-pays all weigh into the quality of your health insurance, but it takes time and dedicated effort to sift through all the details to make the best decision. Even then, the whole process is often confusing. 
This is why it’s important to partner with someone who has experience in the health insurance marketplace. A good health insurance professional will distill all the offerings into easy-to-understand options that will benefit you best when you need it the most.
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Once you’ve selected your Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan, you may find you want or need supplemental insurance. This additional insurance is often referred to as a Medigap policy. Although these policies are government regulated, they are not sold through Medicare, but rather through the open market.
Because there are many options, you want the help of a knowledgeable professional to help you choose the right supplemental coverage for you and your loved one. Having the right policy will save you on your overall health care spending and give you peace of mind.
Long Term Care

Long Term Healthcare

Understanding The Expense of Long-Term Care With our increased life expectancy comes increased expenses. One large expense can be from a long-term care facility. Although

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Bud Elias is the founder of the Advantage Group. While the marketplace has changed often, Bud has made it his mission to remain informed and involved to the benefit of his clients. As such, he has spent decades helping others prepare for and preserve their financial legacies.
His passion to help families prepare well for the future is born out of his dedication to his own family—he and his wife Ann have two married sons and two granddaughters.

To take your first steps toward a sound financial legacy, contact Bud at the Advantage Group today.

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